Thursday, April 8, 2010

22 Week update

Hello all! With a few friendly reminders, I have finally sat down to blog. :) I'm now 22 weeks and 4 days along in this pregnancy. *picture below* I feel great, too! I had a check up last week with my doctor, and everything is going well! BGA's heartbeat is strong at 145. The ultrasound results were also all VERY good.

Things have been busy busy busy around the Arnold Household, not to mention that BGA is really starting to move now. That is such an incredible feeling. Chad's mom (or Grammy) just left after spending a whirlwind weekend here in Denver. We we were able to look at baby furniture and Chad and her went skiing. It was a good time, for sure!

While Grammy was here, she got to experience two of the first services of Refuge Community Church. Chad and I have been part of a home church since September. We were graciously given the opportunity to start having services at Bethlehem Lutheran in Lakewood for FREE! What a blessing. Our Easter series was really amazing. We are also so very thankful for the community that Refuge offers Chad and I during this crazy transition and always. God has given us such good and genuine friendships here in Denver, when we are so far away from our parents and other dear friends of ours.

In nursery news, we have ordered our crib and it has come in! We will pick it up this weekend and Chad will put it together on Sunday. Pictures to come of the process and the final product). We have also received the tree decal we ordered! It will be a task to put it up, but we think it will be much better than painting. What do you think of the colors we chose to do the nursery in? (note the colors in the tree decal below):

I have been looking for a mobile to put above the crib. Thanks to (I love love love this website--its full of amazing homemade and manufactured products. It is also where I ordered the tree decal), I found several bird mobiles that I love. Here is my favorite one so far, what do you think?
In other random news, Chad and I plan to enjoy this beautiful Denver weather and go on a light hike this weekend. I officially do not fit in my (or others that friends have given me) ski pants, so I can longer go skiing with Chad. I was able to go skiing (with the blessing of my doctor) until about 3 1/2 months along.

well, I don't want to ramble on tonight. I feel like I have so much to write about. This is a definite sign that I need to blog more, and I will! More to come, promise.

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  1. Oh I like the owls! So cute!

    Glad you got all those *ahem* friendly reminders. ;) I love reading your entries and seeing that little baby bump.

    Love you!