Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 Months

2 Months

Nicknames: Sweet Adaline, big girl, smuchims, Adster
Temperament: You still don't like to have your diaper changed, but I think that is because you just don't like to be naked. Although, baths are getting better. You are starting to like your play mat, especially when we are outside. You love looking around at everything and you are starting to smile more and more. :) You sometimes scream when you are eating, but I'm hoping that will get better very soon.
Things I could do without: Knowing you don't like to eat, still. Formula on all your clothes. Doctors appointments.
Things you could do without: Diaper changes, sometimes bath time, sometimes lying on your back, taking your medicine
Item/toy we love the most: Your play mat, sleep sheep, and swaddle
Item/toy you love the most: You still love your Bob Marley lullabye CD and bouncy chair
Things I'm loving the most right now: Your precious smile, seeing you put on the pounds, seeing other people dote over you, having fun creating outfits for you now that you fit in all your clothes, your coos, knowing that you are so healthy that we only have to go to the doctors at your scheduled check ups, when you sleep through the night (4 days in a row, now!), going jogging with you and seeing you look around at everything we pass
Things your loving the most right now: Seeing and hearing your Dad (you just love to look at him!), being held on our chests, being able to kick and stretch your arms and your legs
Two Month check up stats: Length: 20 inches Weight: 7 pounds 3 1/2 ounces and steadily gaining weight. :)

A Recap

The Arnold Clan had a very busy September.

After all of our family (Nana Sue, Papa Jim, and Grammy) left on August 28th, it was the first time Chad and I had been alone with Adaline! We were excited to start getting in a groove with our new family. :) However, that week Adaline started to vomit (and I mean projectile vomit. She even got my face a few times) every thing she ate. At this point, we were going to the clinic every week to have her weight checked because she was gaining weight very slowly. That week at the clinic I was told to start giving her formula. This was a very difficult thing for me, as I enjoyed breast feeding and wanted Adaline to have the best source of food available--but we needed to have her on high calorie formula because she was not up to her birth weight yet (at 4 weeks). So, we made the switch but she vomited that too. Here's a recap of what all happened next for our sweet Adaline:

Wednesday, September 1: We went to see our doctor, Dr. Nill, about the vomiting. He ordered an ultra sound to check for Pyloric Stenosis, but it came back negative. We were sent home with medication for acid reflux (but Dr. Nill was not convinced that she had that either).

Thursday, September 2: My dear friends, Emily and Michelle, arrived from Louisiana for a visit. Adaline was still projectile vomiting at this time, so I made the decision to take her to the emergency room. That night, the ultrasound was positive for Pyloric Stenosis and our sweet Adaline was admitted to the hospital and was NPO (nothing by mouth) until her surgery Saturday morning.

**Me, Emily, and Adaline**

**waiting for surgery at Denver Health**

Friday, September 3: We were transferred to the Children's Hospital where she would have her surgery.

Saturday, September 4: Adaline's surgery to repair her pyloric muscle (as it was too thick) was a success! They were able to cut the muscle by 3 tiny incisions in her tummy. We started the process of slowly feeing her.

**comforting our precious little girl**

**waiting for surgery**

Monday, September 6: Adaline tolerated food overnight and we were discharged from the Children's Hospital and were able to spend time with Michelle and Emily (Chad and I stayed at the hospital the entire time Adaline was there). **A note about the Chidren's Hospital: They were amazing! Made this horrific experience better with compassionate, patient nurses and surgeons**

Wednesday, September 8: I took Emily and Michelle to the airport (a day after their scheduled day to leave since their flight was cancelled! I was blessed to have an extra day with these two most amazing women). I took Adaline to the surgery clinic at Children's because I thought one of her incisions was infected. Unfortunately, it was not only infected, but it had more or less herniated (some of her fatty tissue from her stomach was coming through the incision). Once again, she was admitted to the Children's Hospital to have surgery to repair this hernia.

**the hernia**

**after her surgery**


Thursday, September 9: After Adaline tolerated food, we were discharged home, again.

This experience with Adaline was both terrifying and exhausting. I think being a new parent is hard already (with all the anxiety of taking care of a little human), but to take care of a sick and traumatized infant is extremely difficult. Our little girl is a trooper, though, and has blessed our lives in more ways than I can count. Adaline is now on medication for Acid Reflux and is all healed from her surgery. Although, I think eating is still hard for her (because it was such a negative experience), we hope and pray she will enjoy that soon. She is also gaining weight as well, and it is so great to see some chub on her! We are able to go out about and enjoy life together outside of a doctor's office or hospital.

**Chad driving to Estes Park for our day in the mountains.**

We have been blessed with friends and family who have been so very supportive during this time. Whew..I think life is getting to be normal...whatever that means. :)