Thursday, March 25, 2010

She'll have her daddy wrapped around her finger.

This past week was week 20 of the pregnancy. *belly picture below*
That means half way through the pregnancy. That means half way before our lives really change. I mean REALLY change. That means halfway through the daunting task of taking care of myself so Captain Jack can be safe (which includes being extra careful of NOT falling down the stairs!) What we were most excited about this week: it means 20 week ultrasound!

We got up on Tuesday to get to our appoint at a whopping 7:00AM. We were excited (as you can see above) and nervous. We were excited to see if the baby is doing all right. we were excited about actually seeing the baby on the screen. We were nervous to see what the sex is! We were CONVINCED, I mean, positive that Captain Jack is a boy. I think everyone (minus 2-3 people)at work told me that I looked like I was having a boy. These predictions came from the way my belly to the way my butt was growing. Melody, the ultrasound technition, introduced herself to us and got started right a way. And, the very first thing she saw? That Captain Jack is not a Jack at all! But, a Captain Jackie!

We were SHOCKED. Chad kept saying, "I don't know what I'm going to do with a girl!" Coming from a family of all boys, this didn't surprise me much. The best part of the ultrasound? Knowing that now only is Baby Girl Arnold is a girl, but knowing that everything (from the spine to the kidneys and blood flow) are growing at a normal pace and that she is perfect. A perfect little girl. She measures about 12 ounces and 10 inches with a strong heart beat of 146.
Last night, Chad and I went to Babies R Us and bought our crib (rated very well on Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields). Not only did we buy the crib, we wondered through the little girl section and bought some jumpers and a little bonnet!

It was a really special week for Chad and me. We got to see Captain Jackie (I think I like Baby Girl Arnold, or BGA, better) and to buy her first outfit. It was amazing to see Chad try to navigate through the dresses and little shoes and bloomers. He'll get it soon enough. He will be the best dad of a precious little girl that we already love so much. We are so excited to meet this little girl--and we are already half way through.

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  1. YAAAY! Oh Mar, I'm so excited for you guys. :) BGA is going to be SO spoiled, but not rotten (just like us). HAH!

    What cute outfits! Did you get a chance to buy the one from Old Navy that you showed me?

    BGA will be so loved by you both! Not to mention her Auntie Shelby, her Uncle Chris, and her great Aunt & Uncle Bernard. (And everyone else she meets, I'm sure.)

    Love you guys!