Saturday, February 25, 2012

18 Months


What we call you: Poopy Pants Arnold, Sweet girl, Addie and just Adaline.

Temperament: Same as always! You are just a happy, happy girl. Even with all the obstacles in your way, you are still just as happy as can be. J

Things I could do without:  You recently started passing out when you cry really hard (like after getting your shots or when Mama says “no”). Its really scary for mama (and for you too!), but I know you will grow out of this and you are just keeping us on our toes.

Things you could do without:  You would much rather be naked then clothed. You also take out your hair bows as soon as I put one on you. Also, you really don’t care much for yogurt anymore. L

Item/toy we love the most:  I love “Adaline’s drawer” in the kitchen. It’s nice that you can play while I cook! 

Item/toy you love the most:  Your flash cards, your bag of blocks (you are really enjoying stacking things), Bonita Butterfly rocker, every drawer or cabinet that you can open, and all your puzzles

Things I am loving the most right now:  I love seeing you explore. Now that you can move around more easily—you are so independent! Even though I want you to hold my hand, you just want to do everything on your own (and that’s amazing!). I love hearing you talk and communicate more.  I just love watching you grow. You have been through so much testing this year—it’s just incredible to see you learning and developing and keeping up. I am constantly amazed.  

Things you are loving the most right now:  Making messes! You love to throw things out of drawers, boxes, or cabinets. You also love to put things back into their places.  You also love to dance. You dance all the time.

What you are saying:  Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye bye, night night, all done (you love to scream that one), dog, duck, chu chu (for train), bu (for book), this,  that, and uh-oh. You are imitating almost anything we say. And your new friend, Erika, from speech therapy, is going to help you say even more (help you loosen your skin on your face)

What you are doing: You love to dance, creep up and down stairs, draw, walk around, blow kisses.  You are just doing so well, sweet girl!