Sunday, May 23, 2010


I thought I would post another round of pictures to update everyone on the happenings around the Arnold household. I plan to post, in a few days, some thoughts on the "Should Dos" (referring to all the things everyone, from family to co-workers to the man at the crepe stand, tell you that you "should do" for baby). For now, here's a picture update of life lately.

Me at 28 weeks (I don't like these pictures very much. Chad said that I've started smiling funny. Maybe my face is just getting chubby? Ha)

My cousin, Sydney, and I had brunch at Billy's Inn (Amazing--oat bran Belgian waffle?? Yes please!) I love having family so close. :)

I actually planted some things (and no freezes yet!). Here's some pictures of what we've done so far to the yard (I took these pictures as a testimony that I really tried to plant some bushes and shrubs...before they inevitably die):
The view from our lower porch. We love this view in the Spring and Summer!
I planted a lilac bush, "pinapple plants" and some petunias in the front. Regrettably, the petunias are not doing well at this moment. Glad I got a picture before their deterioration.

Lilac Bushes in the back! I cannot wait until these bloom a little more. :)

We had the leadership team of Refuge Community Church over for a bbq and meeting. Here's some pictures of the crew:

What can I say? we dominate at Rock Band.

Desiree, Grant, Don, and Micah waiting patiently for the burgers to be done.

Chad's really into this one. Don, Tanner and Amy admiring Chad's work on the guitar. :)

We also had dinner at the Whatley's this week! Yummy steak, asparagus, corn, and mashed potatoes. (Not sure what Chad's doing here. ha)
Here's Cara and I, belly to belly, as an illustration of how gigantic my belly really is:
I discovered my love for Super Mario Bros at Brian and Cara's, and I guess I sit like this more often now (its just more comfortable, I guess!)
29 week picture (again, not loving these photos. I think my face really is getting chubbier!):

I promise I plan to sit down to post some deeper thoughts on life and pregnancy. So check back later this week for another update! For now, I plan to sit out on our newly mowed lawn (thanks Chad!) and sit with the puppies for a while. Spring really is beautiful in Denver (when it isn't snowing, anyway).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I really have to get better at blogging! Chad and I, quite honestly, forget to update folks and take pictures of the happenings at the Arnold household. I really will *try* to blog more frequently.
I'm 27 weeks now! In the 3rd trimester and really feeling great. Adaline is moving all over the place. Its a wonderful feeling and i love that Chad has been able to see and feel her move. Willis likes to cuddle with the belly as well, and I think he is ready to see Adaline and snuggle with her outside of the womb. :)
Here are some pictures of the 27 week belly:

We had my first midwife appointment with Aliza at Denver Health. I love her! I love how encouraging she is about labor and delivery. The appointment really felt joyous as Aliza felt Adaline move around. She appeared excited and affirmed my joy as well. Our next appointment is on May 29th, and I can't wait.
I also wanted to show some pictures of the nursery. We have put up the tree, the mobile, and the chifferobe. It is all coming together!

Other happenings:
*We plan to plant some shrubs and flowers this weekend. We *should* be out of the freeze time, but you never know (considering that it SNOWED last night and this morning..on May 12). Pictures to come. :)
*We saw Iron Man 2 this weekend...and loved it! Although I love going to movies, it is becoming harder on my body to sit for that long.
*Chad and I are volunteering for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at the Denver Arts Festival over Memorial Day weekend! I am super pumped to help this amazing volunteer health organization. I am also volunteering at the Mudapalooza Volleyball Tournament in June. I'll be handing out and checking the drink tickets. Should be a good time!

I guess that's it for now! We have had a low key couple of weeks, which is nice.

I'm off to devour a few cupcakes that I made last night. I've been baking like crazy lately. Is that part of nesting or is it just the belly wanting cookies and cupcakes? Either way, I will never turn down a tasty baked good.