Thursday, December 24, 2009

It'll Change Our Lives Forever

When Chad got word that he would start at TCF Bank as assistant manager the first week of December, I felt like we could breathe a little easier. In November, we had a lot going on. For Thanksgiving, we had 16 people over--hectic, but wonderful. (images above and below from Thanksgiving).

These 16 people, including us, didn't go home for Thanksgiving to share the time with family. It was truly a time to be thankful for the friendship God has given us here in Denver, among so many other things. One of which is that KC and Kim announced that they were pregnant! I have found that we have entered a time in our lives when a lot of our married friends are having or thinking about having children, and it is truly an exciting time.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we slept in some, which was amazing. We then went to go get donuts at Lamars and stopped at Walgreens for pregnancy tests. I had an aching suspicion that Chad and I were pregnant (from my chest hurting and being a few days late). Now, to properly understand the anxiety we were feeling about the possibility of being pregnant, you have to know that Chad and I were always on the "5 year plan". Not just 5 years since we were married, but 5 years out from anytime we were asked about having children. We loved our "independent" way of life. Plus, Willis and Ripley (the Dorkie and Cockapoo) were our children. We were "good" and would say, "we are just not ready to have kids. We are way too selfish with our time".

We got home and Chad went down stairs to watch football. I went straight to the bathroom. No need to read the directions, we have panicked before. I waited two minutes and to my utter surprise, it was POSITIVE! I yelled at Chad, and was having a hard time breathing. I immediately tried the other test. POSITIVE again!! I searched the internet for "false positives" and have learned that they are very very rare. I went to an OB Intake Appointment the following week and it was confirmed.
Its taken a while to sink in. but, its true...THE ARNOLDS ARE pregnant! August 9, 2010 is when we will welcome a new Baby Arnold (or Captain Jack as Chad affectionately calls it) into the world. We (well, really me) have had some times where panic has set in. But, we are so very excited. Chad is being an amazing husband through all of this. Out lives are truly going to change.
We thought the job would be the only surprise in our lives. But SURPISE! Baby here we come. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here goes our security net.

It all started when Chad came home a few weeks ago saying, "well, i'm quitting my job" (for many many reasons). SURPRISE! Our whole world was turned upside down in a day. THIS was our FIRST crisis as a married couple. Apart from buying a house, this had to be the MOST stress our marriage has seen. I, trying to keep my cool (because, if you know me well, I am horrible at keeping my cool), took off the next day to help Chad find a new, better, more fulfilling job.

The next day, I dressed in my favorite grey sweatpants from freshman year of college and my favorite sweatshirt from graduate school and sat in the car all day while Chad went in and out of places dropping off his resume. This will be fine. I kept my cool. I was encouraging. I was optimistic. I was just trying to love my husband, I told myself. Until that night when I broke down sobbing feeling very out of control of our lives. Our Plans. Our Dreams. A tad dramatic, maybe. But, my faith felt very weak.

That very week, just four days later, Chad was offered a job! A management position! AMAZING! The stress was lifted. Our shoulders felt a little lighter. Our plans could be put back on track. God provided us with lessons to be learned and undeserved blessings.

Although the stress of Chad finding a job was over, I still felt like an emotional wreck. The stress is a lot to come down from.

I was ashamed that I didn't trust God more. How could I not? He has provided us with so much, far too much to count. I learned a lot about my faith during this stressful, but short crisis (or surprise!). I must start praying for faith. I must trust more. I must relinquish control, because, honestly, why do I have to be in control all of the time?

I was incredibly proud of my husband. Chad was hardworking, dedicated and aggressive about finding a new job to provide for us. He is more than I could ask for in a husband.

I was overjoyed. We could start planning for everything we wanted to do. Go on a Mexican vacation. Re-do our room to become a sleeping oasis. Make our home comfortable and feel like home. Pay off student loans. Save for the future. Our plans are very important to us and I was elated, excited, and incredibly relieved. We could start striving to complete our goals yet again.

I've learned and am still learning a lot from this surprise. I've discovered what is important to us in the future and what our plans and goals are. I've learned what we can do without (going without that second paycheck for 6 weeks can be a challenge). I've learned about my faith and how I want and need to grow. I've learned that our marriage is strong and perseveres and that I have one pretty amazing husband. I have the confidence that we can handle any surprise that comes our way. First Surprise? Check. No Problem. Moving on.

Here's to a new blog beginning!

I've always wanted to start a blog. I have so many dear and amazng friends and family that are so far away that I wish I could keep up with more often. I never thought I would be "good at it". I have some friends that are, if I do say so myself, pretty amazing bloggers, writers, honest sharers. I, however, have always been intimidated about writing for a large audience (by large, I mean more then just me). Sharing my thoughts, making them open for discussion. Being honest about subjects that are just hard and uncomfortable. Our life has been stuffed full of surprises lately. And adventures. And new and unexpected turns. Now, I've told myself, is when I should start blogging and sharing.

So, as I raise my decaf GoodEarth chai tea, here's to my blog (with occasional insights from the husband, Chad)! Here's to being open and honest about life and it's struggles! Here's to documenting our current life's story! Here's to celebrating life and surprises with friends and family! Here's to me, just being me.