Thursday, April 22, 2010

An update with pictures and such

Because I have been so bad at updating anything lately (my blog, my facebook status, my calendar), I thought I would post an update full of pictures and the like. Chad and I have been very busy lately! Our past few weekends have been spent spending time with friends, participating in Refuge Community Church's first few public services, and getting ready for BGA. Speaking of BGA, we have *finally* decided on a name:
Adaline Grace Arnold
Chad and I just love this name and we love being able to call BGA Adaline. It makes the whole process much more personal when we are talking to and about her.
I also made my first midwife appointment which is on May 3rd, 2010. I'm very excited to meet my midwife and ask a multitude of questions about delivery, preparation, and breastfeeding. I'm so grateful that Denver Health has a midwife program. I was also able to go to our first interview with Rayma, a home day care provider. I really liked her and her home, and we have another interview scheduled in a few weeks. We plan to visit many more day cares, but this process is very draining. We ordered our stroller, a BOB stroller that is. :) Chad also assembled the crib before I got home one night (a very sweet surprise):
I'm also throwing in a picture of our sweet puppy, Willis, who is anxiously awaiting Adaline's arrival and has recently discovered that he can fit comfortably under her crib.
As I mentioned before, Chad and I have been busy busy lately.
We were able to go to a Rockie's game on opening weekend. It was beautiful outside and a perfect day for a baseball game.

We also spent some time in Boulder (where we ordered our stroller) last weekend. I just have to boast that the weather lately has been incredible! Well, except for today. Rain and thunder all day.
Boulder is just gorgeous in the spring.
Getting homemade ice cream, of course. Notice that belly. Ridiculous.

Last weekend, we also got to go to a crawfish boil at Nono's with The Whatley's. My heart and stomach have been craving Louisiana lately--and my stomach is now satisfied after I ate several pounds of crawfish. It definitely put me in a happy place...then the heartburn came and made me crabby for a bit. But, I would do it again every weekend if I could, heart burn and all.

Introducing the Whatley's.
Chad is not a big fan of the deliciousness that is crawfish. Although, and I am proud to say this, he learned how to eat them that day.

Finally, I have a few pictures from week 24 (1/2).

My belly is definitely growing, but I feel great other than occasional bouts of heartburn and some extreme emotions. Pregnancy has been good. And I am so very grateful that i have been able to truly enjoy this time. Now that I have written a book, I'm going to go read Baby Wise--more about this later.
-Mary Allyn


  1. So much fun! All of it. (Except for the heartburn part).

    I love Chad's face in that crawfish picture. Haha! That'd be me.

    Can't wait to see you & Adaline again soon!


  2. ADALINE IS A BEAUTIFUL NAME! I can't wait to meet baby Arnold! You are a beautiful little prego Mary. Love you and miss you so much.

  3. I LOVE THE NAME. also love that both my baby girls (ahem. like how i just took ownership of your child?) start with the letter A. TWO BABY A's. A+. :) xoxoxo

  4. Oh my goodness, the name is Beautiful!!! My sister is pregnant as well, and doing the nursery kinda similar...She is naming her little one Amelia Grace...hahaha...similar minds...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Adaline!!! :)