Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taking care of myself (and Belly Tuesday!)

First, some pictures of my belly at 18 weeks!(photos by Megan, my amazing office mate and friend)

Isn't that just amazing! I feel like I'm growing bigger every week! I catch myself just staring down at my belly as I walk around the hospital at work. ha.

I also wanted to write a blog about how I am attempting to take care of myself during this pregnancy. There have obviously been some major changes in how I treat my body, although, I don't want those changes to stop after we have Captain Jack. I hope to continue more healthy habits and a way of thinking about my body and the way I look.

I'll start with my perspective on my body. It has been very difficult to plan to grow bigger. Most of the time, its hard (and often painful) to feel my body grow and stretch and make room for Captain Jack. My mind is saying, "Mary, this is great! Its a miracle what's happening to you!" My heart just can't follow that thought. My co-workers have been wonderful. Everyday, I have women telling me how amazing and good it is to grow. And, it is. God has made this body in such a way to make room for an amazing thing to happen! A baby is growing (hopefully growing healthy and strong) and I have been charged with caring for Captain Jack now, and for the rest of my life. So, with all that said, I'm learning to see my body as beautiful, no matter how big I get! I have to, really, because there is no going back. Its also much healthier for me to think that way too.

Now, since we found out we were pregnant and "with child" if you will, I had to make some changes with how I take care of my body. I have obviously changed the way I eat (staying away from certain fish, heating up lunch meat, limiting tuna and coffee and so on). I had to give up most medications to help my chronic tension headaches. Lets face it, Tylenol does little to no good for headaches or any other aches (although, I have started loving Tension Tamer tea, a heating pad, and regular pre-natal massages to help with those things :) )

I think the most important thing that I have done for my body is getting involved in Belly Yoga at Belly Bliss in Denver. This has been so good for me! I wasn't very active before, but I knew I needed to incorporate some exercise (other than walking at work--many miles a day!) It has been so nice to go to Belly Bliss (where I will also take other classes such as Cloth Diapering and Blissful Breastfeeding) to meet other pregnant women and really care for my body. Yoga for the expecting mother helps her prepare for labor as well as for after birth. It certainly helps with mindful breathing through labor as well as focusing on what the body is doing doing the birthing process. On a side note: this sounds like it's coming directly from a pregnancy book. And that makes me laugh a little. There are MANY reasons why prenatal yoga is helpful. And, I'm thankful it's something I can participate in that is restful and refreshing. SO, I have decided to get up (hopefully) every day and spend time with the Lord and in prayer as well as do 20 minutes of yoga. I have been so tired lately, but this is something I'm committing to! I need to start my mornings with Jesus and just learn to breathe a little better. So, just putting this on my blog (whether people read it or not) will help me in the mornings.

Lastly, to really care for myself, I'm trying to spend as much time at home with Chad as I can! He is definitely a source of strength and someone God has blessed me with! I really do love staying at home with the boys (Chad, Ripley and Willis). I wouldn't have it any other way.

In other news, Chad and I got back from a really great weekend in Breckenridge with his mom (Grammy) and some of her friends. It was a good weekend of skiing and spa time for me.

Also, I plan to post some pictures of ideas for the nursery and would love, no NEED some feedback. :)

Chad and I are about to go grill. Food (this may be a theme in my life?) tis a'calling!


  1. Your little belly is SOOOO cute! :)

    Love you!!


  2. Ok, I have to comment again. You know how you have to type in the random word to prove that you're a human and not a spam robot?? Well mine was "inmarsis," which broken down is "in mar sis." This is perfect cause Capt. Jack is IN you. You are Mar. And you are also like my sis.

    I thought that was neat. Shhh. Love you!


  3. I think that's neat too, Shelby!

    Oh MARY! I'm so excited about Captain JACK. So happy. :D

    I love you, and I love your belly, and we need to have a chat SOON.


  4. im glad you discussed this! such good, healthy material! i'll be linking to you on THS this week -

    you are adorable. (as always) and im SO excited for the day I get to meet the little one. between CJ and BGS I am on UBER long distance baby excitement :)