Thursday, March 18, 2010

Confession Thursday

Hello All! It's Thursday, and I am so glad, with all my heart, that it is almost Friday. This week has been such a long one. Working as a social worker can wear me out. Physically and mentally.

Somethings I must confesss:
* I have only done my yoga work out 2 times this week (neither time in the morning). I will, I MUST do better. :)

*I have been such a negative Nancy lately. At work, at home. That type of attitude is not helpful for anyone, and is certainly not healthy for the pregnancy. I need to love and be more positive, for my own well being and the well being of others.

*I have had 3 (yes! 3) cheese burgers this week. I LOVE cheese burgers. In fact, I'm sure the food that I will want in the hospital and after the birth of Captain Jack will be a sonic cheese burger. I love love love them. However, I know that I need to limit my consumption of this food. Next week, I am only allowed 1 cheese burger. :)

Those are all the confessions that I have for now. I can't remember the rest (baby brain! A valid excuse, actually. Its scientifically proven that pregnant women have word finding difficulties and more problems with memory.)

Now, here are some pictures from week 19 of our pregnancy:

Next Tuesday, we will have our first ultrasound. We could not be any more excited as the countdown began. :) I'll definitely update the blog that day!

That's it for now! I also wanted to include this picture of Shelby, her fiancé Chris, and myself at their caterer's tasting. Ha. So glad they thought of me to invite me to this time of good food and wedding decision making. Ok, so maybe I begged to go. Regardless, I am glad I was there.

-Mary Allyn


  1. Your little CJ bumparoo looks great and you look so healthy! Who needs more yoga and less cheeseburgers when you already have an amazing metabolism. That's my thought anyway. ;)

    LOVE your work outfit! So cute!

    And as for the tasting, we had a fantastic time and were so glad you could make it.

    <3 shelbs