Friday, February 26, 2010

Lucky Me!

I know I said I was going to start doing "Belly Tuesdays", and, I promise, I will. This past week I was a tad busy spending time with my parents! It was their first time to see our home and only their second time to see Colorado! I sure do love them. We were able to clear out the room that will be the nursery as well as switch around some rooms in the home. We made a MASSIVE Goodwill run and made all 4 rooms in our home functional! We now have a master bedroom, a nursery, a guest room, and an office. Perfect! We were also able to go to Boulder one day and have a mom/daughter and dad-in-law/son another day. Dad went skiing with Chad while mom and I shopped Arvada and bought some maternity clothes. Mom, Dad, and myself went to Black Hawk to see the casinos. I came away $35.00 richer, Dad made .40 and Mom, not so much. We were also able to see my Aunt Carol and Uncle Glen and the cousins, Syd and Hailey. It was a good trip, filled with naps. I am a lucky woman to have such an amazing family. :)
Here are some pictures from their trip (including a "Belly Tuesday" picture--at the basketball game!)

Chad and Dad skiing at Breckenridge. Apparently, it was just amazing that day. Dad hadn't been skiing since we left Santa Fe 15 years ago! Go Dad!

Belly Tuesday picture! Not the best picture of Chad after his game (Sorry Hubs!), but the best picture of my belly and the four of us.

Dad and I at Chad's weekly basketball game! Gotta love the hat

Chad and my Mom at Woody's! It's one of my very favorite places to eat in Colorado! The very BEST pizza I have ever had. seriously

This is Mom and I at Woody's!

That's it for now! Just wanted to make sure I update on a weekly basis! More to come! Right now, I'm heading to a tasting with Chris and Shelby! When there is food calling, I better answer.


  1. "...and Mom, not so much." Ahahaha. You're funny.

    It was SO good seeing your family. I really love the Dosseys (you can be included in that, even though you're an Arnold on paper.)

    Your belly is adorable! Glad you got some good pictures in. :)

    And finally...the tasting was AWESOME, yum. You are an amazing bestie and I'm so glad you were there. LOVE YOU!


  2. HOORAY!

    oh how i miss you. and chad. (i suppose ;) ) and your parents! your belly is so so so adorable.

    Danielle is due in less than four weeks now- i cant believe that both of you will be having little rugrats before the end of the year! CRAZINESS!!! (and i am SO excited)

  3. OH Mary, I love reading your blog! Great pictures too (the belly is amazing!) I'm glad your parent's visit went well!