Sunday, January 17, 2010

It'll make your heart skip a beat

I've been trying to describe this part of my pregnancy to folks, but I find it hard to describe most times. I am 11 weeks pregnant now, and its a time where I feel pregnant. I am exhausted and, at times, I have to put my head down on my desk for a 10 minute nap. I even fall asleep typing my notes at the end of the day. I know that my office-mate, Megan, has caught my head bobbing as I try desperately to stay awake through the last couple sentences. My chest hurts, and I'm experiencing, for the first time in my life (as my dad has so graciously reminded me) what having larger breasts feels like. My roomates in college and I would always joke that I have always been the president of the A club.

So, yes, I know I am still pregnant, because the tests and my body says so.

But, I just don't know what is going on down there. I cannot feel the baby growing (although, my books say that Captain Jack is now the size of a plum), and I'm not really "showing" yet. Chad a and I were so grateful for my doctor's appointment this past Monday.

I went in to see my PCP (whom I think is quite wonderful) for a OB Exam appointment. They do the typical urine sample and a physical exam to make sure things are moving along all right. When we went, I was under the assumption that we would be able to hear Captain Jack's heartbeat at this appointment. However, the CNA said that they could try, but tell women that it might take until the 12th week to hear the heartbeat (a precaution, i guess, against worry). My PCP did the exam, and notified us that all my labs are normal and things were "progressing just fine". Not a lot of comfort when, again, I just have no idea what is going on in my belly. My PCP was able to get out the dopler and in less than 5 seconds of trying, was able to pick up the heart beat.

It was incredible. I cried. Chad and I giggled a bit, knowing that a baby was in my belly and not knowing, really, how to react to this moment. Our baby was healthy. There was a heart beat in this little person no larger than a plum. What a miracle. What a blessing to know that all is well.

I'm told this feeling will never get old. I hope it doesn't, because it reminds me of God's ability to create and to be in that moment with us, two very frightened, excited, emotional (ok, maybe crabby more than emotional for me), people. That He is able to venture with us through this incredible experience. We are truly blessed. I really hope hearing our baby's heart beat does not get old.

On another note, I have discovered that I still love, and I do mean love, Sonic cheese burgers, McDonald's chicken nuggets, french fries, and Dad's pot roast. I'm currently waiting on homemade trail mix recipes from my Mom and Dad (or Captain Jack's Nana and Papa)

Also, I am reading a book given to me by an amazing co-worker, Amy, called "Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay" by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. Very funny and refreshing. Quite the change from the typical pregnancy books (which I am very thankful for). Reviews to come.

For now, I think I'm heading to bed. I'm not sure what it is about typing that makes me so sleepy, but my head was definitely bobbing these last few sentences.

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