Saturday, January 9, 2010

a few of my favorite things

I'm 10 weeks now. So crazy! This pregnany thing has been so strange on many levels. It was a complete surprise, so I wasn't ready for some of the changes that come with a baby growing inside of me . Of course I've been emotional, which is no surprise. I cried during the 10 o'clock news the other day. During the ENTIRE 30 mintues. Chad said, "the news is really tough for you today, isn't it?".
I've certainly had some conflicting emotions about having a baby. Its scary. Terrifying, really. I've had fears about things not going well with the baby. We have our first OB exam on Monday, and we'll get to hear the heart beat. I think that will relieve a lot of the fears I have about something being wrong with the baby and pregnancy. On the other hand, I've had a fear that everything will go perfectly with this pregnany and we will have a baby in August, something I have not been able to wrap my mind around. After talking with many friends and family, I've found that these emotions are something a lot of women experience. I'm sure i'll write a much longer post about this in the future, as I think being honest about pregnany and motherhood is something all women should promote. .
I think the strangest thing, and something that affects me on a daily basis is this "adversion to food" that has overcome my belly. I haven't had any morning sickness (thank goodness!), however, there are some foods, foods that I LOVED perviously, that make me feel queasy. Here are some of the following of my very favorite foods that I just cannot force myself to eat: Mexican food (except for chips), soups (of ALL kinds), a cut of meat, noodles, cream sauces, and, most sadly, bacon. I've had to completely re-adjust the way I eat. I've been aiming at eating more fruit, sting cheese, and yogurt. I start my mornings wtih a bagel and yogurt with frozen mixed berries in it. Below is a picture of my favorite foods so far in this pregnancy:

I love hot chocolate during this time. I've cut WAY back on caffeine, but during this extremely cold winter (-31 windchill? Not too pleasant for this Louisiana girl), hot chocolate has certainly soothed my soul. I know I love these things so far (I call them Captain Jack's energy food): ice cream (expecially orange push pops), pickles (yes, its true!), clementines, fruit strips (all natural, of course), orange juice, gold fish and all crackers in general, chips, bread, artichokes, and pistachios. I hope I discover more things, as these foods cannot sustain me and I have to force myself to eat more.
In other news, we will be seeing the Baudiers in Breckenridge tomorrow. I'm super excited to see my old friends. We got a new clutch for the Corolla (White Thunder as I affectionaly call it). The Corolla has been with me since I was 16 and has 176,000 miles on it. Hopefully it keeps going for several more years (another car payment is not in the plans at this time). And we bought a new couch for our sitting room upstairs. We've had loveseats for the last couple years, so this was very exciting for us. I think the picture below is a bit dark, but hopefully you get the gist. Its a green color, and we love it quite a bit.

I plan plan to post more often, and espceially more after our doctor's appointment. Right now, I'm heading upstairs to get an orange push pop.

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