Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here's to a new blog beginning!

I've always wanted to start a blog. I have so many dear and amazng friends and family that are so far away that I wish I could keep up with more often. I never thought I would be "good at it". I have some friends that are, if I do say so myself, pretty amazing bloggers, writers, honest sharers. I, however, have always been intimidated about writing for a large audience (by large, I mean more then just me). Sharing my thoughts, making them open for discussion. Being honest about subjects that are just hard and uncomfortable. Our life has been stuffed full of surprises lately. And adventures. And new and unexpected turns. Now, I've told myself, is when I should start blogging and sharing.

So, as I raise my decaf GoodEarth chai tea, here's to my blog (with occasional insights from the husband, Chad)! Here's to being open and honest about life and it's struggles! Here's to documenting our current life's story! Here's to celebrating life and surprises with friends and family! Here's to me, just being me.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Mary!!! I'm so happy you're doing this. It just warms my little heart to read this posts. I love you SO much and have a sneaking suspicion that you'll be a GREAT blogger!