Monday, July 13, 2015

An update about our Adaline

Hello friends and family! It’s been SO LONG. YEARS. since I last
updated this blog. I realized there’s so much to update about Adaline
and life is so crazy lately that I’m going to try and invest more in the
blog. There’s so much to talk about. So here’s a brief review of the
last year and a half since we moved to Dallas, TX:

I work as a licensed social worker At Medical City in the Bone Marrow
Transplant and Oncology units. I love the work I do and the patients I
serve. I love the nurses and other staff I work with. Seriously. How
could I be so blessed to work with such incredible people? Chad is a
mortgage lender with Bank of America and getting into the swing of
things! For us, life seems to be pretty stable.  I turn 30 in a few weeks (What?!?), 
Adaline will be turning 5 August 1st, and Chad and I will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary! I’m a lucky woman to have such an incredible husband.

Since moving to Dallas, Adaline has started therapy 2 times weekly at
Baylor Our Children’s House (physical and occupational) and sees
speech therapy at her school: Texas Easter Seals Academy. This school
and therapy have been so wonderful for her. She has grown so much in
confidence and pride! She is starting Kindergarten (is this real
life??) in August and she is ready! She is such a smart little girl
and scored 56 out of 56 for Kindergarten readiness. She is much more
outgoing than she once was and is learning to be proud and love
herself for who she is. She steals our heart every day and I seriously
could not imagine loving her any more than I do. 

She is still pretty stiff, though. Her back and hips remain rigid and we stretch every
day. She still cannot get off the floor by herself (she has to pull up
on something) and she can no longer sit flush on the ground by
herself. This does not stop her, though! Even with these setbacks, she
has grown in other areas. She is a superstar at the park and can go up
and down stairs by herself. She is able to do everything at the park
(in her own way) including climbing on rope towers, tight ropes, and
everything in between.  She is becoming more comfortable in the water
and loves jumping on the trampoline. Honestly, she is able to do
things that we weren’t sure she would ever be able to do. She is quite
resilient and we continue to be blessed by her every day

We do covet your prayers about a few things coming up:

1. We have a dermatology appointment tomorrow with Dr. Costner here in
Dallas. She was referred to us through Texas Scottish Rite and is an
expert in rare conditions. Adaline may have to have another punch skin
biopsy which is hard for Adaline because her skin (in the area they
will take) is unable to be sutured and we have to pack the wound. Pray
that Adaline is calm through the process and her skin heals quickly!
This appointment is a prequel to us seeing a rheumatologist at
Scottish Rite who thinks she may have something to offer Adaline
(treatment? Medicine?). Pray that Dr. Costner wants to invest in
finding a cure or treatment for Adaline!

2. In August, we have another appointment at Texas Scottish Rite with
our rheumatologist about possible treatment options? Honestly, every
time we go to a doctor who “has an idea”, it never works out because
Adaline is so rare. Pray that God would lead them to some treatment
and that they continue to invest in our sweet girl!

3. Next week (July 21st) Adaline will have surgery to remove her
Adenoids. We tried to do this in December of last year, but we found
out that her jaw could not open enough for them to properly intubate
or remove her tonsils. We rescheduled to just have her adenoids
removed (she has been sick SO MUCH this year. On Antibiotics so much
and snoring so loudly at home). The physicians are ready with smaller
tools and the option of just doing it through her nose. Pray that she
would respond well to anesthesia (she is super sensitive) and that the

physicians are prepared for this surgery. Pray that the removal of her
adenoids will be enough to keep her (more) well and help her sleep at

THANK YOU for praying with us and loving us so well!

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