Sunday, February 6, 2011

6 Months

6 Months

Nicknames: Sweets, Adster, Poopie Pants Arnold, Ads, Sweet Girl
Temperament: You have such a sweet and happy temperament! You seem 10 times better than a few months ago. I think you feel physically better and aren't in any more pain. You usually are smiling when you wake up and you love to smile at your mom, dad, and people you know. You like to smile at strangers, but stick out your lip and cry if they get in your face and are too loud.
Things I could do without: You have discovered out to squeal, and, at times, it can be so loud. Also, I don't like that you hate eating from a spoon right now. We want you to enjoy that process!
Things you could do without: Eating from a spoon, baths (you still don't like them too much), getting lotioned up, getting your medicine
Item/toy we love the most: Anything that makes noise (it is so entertaining to see you discover it!), your baby bjorn or moby, or your snow suit (we really love snow shoeing with you!), your paci
Item/toy you love the most: Your play mat, and anything you can stick in your mouth, your paci
Things I'm loving the most right now: Your smile. It seriously can turn any day around. I love how curious you are about life. You love observing everything and you are very deliberate about what you pick up and hold on to. I love that you recognize your Dad and I and laugh, giggle, and squirm in excitement when you see us (that makes my heart so glad). I love that you feel better and are no longer in pain (for the most part). It was so hard the first few months of your life, sweet girl!
Things your loving the most right now: rolling around on the floor, picking things up and putting them in your mouth, learning how to pull your paci in and out of your mouth (and chew on its sides), observing the dogs run around, seeing your grandparents, loving life. :)
Six Month check up stats: **Our check up is next week, so we'll know then! :) **


  1. Yay! So glad you did this. :) Such a big difference between 2 months and 6 months! She is one cutie patootie.


  2. She is the cutest! I can't wait to hear what's been going on in her life and your lives as of late.