Friday, September 10, 2010

Adaline at 1 month

1 Month
Thanks to Jenna at for this idea! :)

Nicknames: Addy, baby girl, sweet girl, sweet Adaline, little miss grumpy pants
Temperament: You are generally a very content and happy girl, except when you are hungry and being changed. Dirty diapers don't seem to bother you one bit.
Things I could do without: Formula stains on all your beautiful clothes, when you fight eating, doctors appointments
Things you could do without: getting in your car seat and getting your diaper changed. You really hate that.
Item/toy we love the most: Your bouncy seat and sleep sheep
Item/toy you love the most: your sleep sheep and Bob Marley lullaby CD
Things I'm loving the most right now: Seeing you alert and healthy and gaining weight, your beautiful blue/gray eyes, seeing you hold down all your food, cuddling you, holding you on my chest, seeing you interact with Dad, seeing people gush over you (because you really are just that cute)
Things your loving the most right now: being held by Dad, Grampa's shoulder (which i'm sure you miss), being swaddled tight and sleeping at night, going on walks, holding your tongue out all the time.


  1. Mary! I love your post! It made me tear up! Adaline is such a lucky daughter! I am so glad she is keeping her food down now. How are you doing? We have been praying for ya'll so much! Adaline looks beautiful!!! Tanner will love that she likes Bob Marley :o) Have a restful weekend!!!


  2. HOOOOORAY! i am so glad you are doing this! it helps me not feel so far away from your precious little family!